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Portfolio Assurance Case Study

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Business Need

At short notice and working to an agreed budget and plan, Greyfly were asked to undertake a Delivery Capability Assessment.  The assessment was to review existing capability, identify what may be missing, or any opportunities and risks and present a high-level action plan.

About Client

The client is a successful financial services business which undertakes a significant volume and frequency of projects across many platforms and hundreds of workflows.  It was thought that recent and upcoming Change is more challenging than previous work and may include complex initiatives that have been put-off.

The assessment was commissioned by the Group Director of Change who leads delivery teams and is responsible for the shaping, prioritisation and delivery of the strategic change and transformation agenda.


Greyfly deployed experienced capable consultants to complete a rapid high-level review to understand the existing capability and landscape, to identify what may be missing, the opportunities and risks, and present a high level action plan.  Findings and recommendations were presented within a report that were based on document review and interviews with key stakeholders.

To enable delivery, Greyfly tailored their AI ready maturity assessment system to accelerate data gathering and then presented iterative of key findings including visible Insight graphs.  This enabled the client to review and support recommendations early in the process and Greyfly to pinpoint where additional analysis was required.

The results showed current capability strengths and weaknesses and which specific areas should be targeted for transformation.  Recommendations addressed both specific risks and longer-term delivery capability.


“The approach that you took was hugely beneficial (i.e. rapid assessment and then subsequent analysis and conclusion) and worked well for what we needed”.

Following on time delivery of the iteratively built report, recommendations were fully accepted ahead of Executive presentation.

Specific recommendations lead to additional phases where GREYFLY consultants were engaged to design and support implantation of key recommendations.  This included defining an effective governance model, developing benefits realization processes, defining the project methodology aligned to portfolio planning and an investment case process and establishing cross organisation planning and resource management processes.

About Greyfly

Greyfly have experience in successfully delivering full life-cycle, benefits lead, multi-million pound transformation projects and are preferred suppliers to the BBC for programme management.  However, our real passion is applying AI to project management to improve delivery, tackle the real project delivery problem and make cost savings for our clients.  For almost 30 years Greyfly has built its reputation by delivering solutions to the toughest project challenges with a collaborative approach to deliver rapid, high quality results at an affordable price – and now using the latest in AI tools and techniques.


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