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Project management is deploying emerging innovative technology, which is likely to change project management in years to come. It is becoming clear that there will be an increasing reliance on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Effective management of spontaneous risks is critical for projects in a fast-paced market. Are traditional methods of project management reliable enough to handle issues effectively?


The growing need for project consultants means companies, are engaging consultants to provide guidance, and strategic advice. We believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change PM consulting and this paper explores how.

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Given every project is different how can AI be used to improve project success? Greyfly’s research posed this very question and we have concluded the following answer.

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Confucius says, “Study the past if you would define the future”, here at Greyfly we think it is important to understand the key reasons for project failure so that your projects are more likely to succeed.


We propose a THREE-STEP APPROACH to managing Business Risk and believe this will accelerate growth.


We propose a THREE-STEP APPROACH to creating a Business Plan and believe in rapid implementation during creation.

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This report analyses project failure and considers if AI could reduce failure rates and provide cost savings.

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This summary is an extract of our 2020 AI in Project Management Report which analyses project failure and considers if AI could reduce failure rates and provide cost savings.

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